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Hilariously Priced Water Mill House Now Wants $4.495M

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1025 Flying Point Road, Water Mill
1025 Flying Point Road, Water Mill

Well, well, well. Look what's back. The property that caused hilarity last October when it was featured in Pricespotter, sporting a humorous $5.6M price tag. The comments back then included "BWA HA HA comes immediately to mind." "I want whatever they're smoking" and "Even at 2.6 this is beyond insane." Now the asking price is $4.495M. It's down over a million, but we can't see it selling for that much either. Yes, the waterviews are amazing, but the house is only 1400sf, with three bedrooms and 2.5 baths, on 0.7 acre, perched on stilts next to the water.

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