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Don Draper, Your Summer Rental is a Georgica Ranch

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151 Georgica Road, East Hampton
151 Georgica Road, East Hampton

Don, now that you've apparently quit McCann and sold your other apartment, you need a summer rental. We think you'll feel at home in this place in Georgica, though you might have to get ready for sticker shock: it's $175K MD-LD, which is a lot more than you'd pay in 1970. On the plus side, the newly renovated bathrooms and kitchen are more luxurious than you'd find 45 years ago. Last time we saw this property, it was for sale back in summer of 2013, looking tired; we opined that "a buyer with taste and vision could really make a showplace out of this 60s Georgica ranch" but it was probably a teardown. We're glad to see its transformation. (The asking price for the 3000sf ranch on 0.87 of an acre was $3.495M; the place closed a few months later for $3.575M. Well done.)

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