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Back to the Drawing Board with Plans for Duryea's

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A plan to knock down all the structures on the Duryea's site and replace them with a new restaurant building and deck was presented to the East Hampton Town Planning Board, but tabled before the board could formally consider it. The site includes two properties on either side of Tuthill Road and sits between Fort Pond Bay and Tuthill Pond, so it's environmentally sensitive. And there are zoning issues involved: one property, which would be a parking lot and contain a septic system, is zoned residential, while the other is considered a business that sells take-out food, not a restaurant. Therefore, a restaurant would be considered a new business and require a permit. JoAnne Pahwuhl, the town's assistant planning director, quoted in the East Hampton Star, said, "The project appears very aggressive, given the sensitive nature of the site." The new owners will reconsider their plans before bringing them back to the planning board.
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