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Modern Waterfront Compound with Dock in Noyack for $7.25M

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11 & 15 Sims Drive, Noyack
11 & 15 Sims Drive, Noyack

These two properties are available individually or as a compound. Together there is 5800sf of space, seven bedrooms, 8.5 baths and 1.74 acres of land. One has a dock that can accommodate a 20' boat and the property includes part of the pond in back, while the other property has a permit for a dock. The style of both is simple and modern, with decking on three levels, including rooftop decks, for relaxing and making the most of the views of Sag Harbor Cove. There are also gunite spas in each property. The houses are stylish and offer some nice features, but the price seems ambitious to us; what do you say?

· Sag Harbor Waterfront Modern Compound [Saunders]