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'The Hamptons Are Like a Zombie Movie' and Other Things People Google About the Hamptons

After our pals at Curbed NY, Curbed Seattle, Curbed SF, and Curbed Ski looked into what people were Googling about their cities, we couldn't resist diving into the depths of Google searches. We typed simple searches about the Hamptons into Google and let autocomplete do its magic. Results include the age-old question about whether East Hampton or Southampton is better, where various TV shows are filmed, and whether or not lions really are being released into the Hamptons.

So let's clear up some questions raised by the search above: 631, New York, on the end of Long Island, and BRAAAAAAIIIIINS!

Answers to the above: yes, only boring people are bored, compared to what, and yes.

Next up: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, no, yes, and nice work, Dan.

We then typed in some town names. Unfortunately, Southampton brought up the "other" Southampton, in England. The answers for East Hampton are yes, yes, yes, and Connecticut.

You're welcome, America. Glad we could clear that up for you.