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Look at What $12M Gets You in the Amagansett Dunes

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45 Whalers Lane, Amagansett Dunes
45 Whalers Lane, Amagansett Dunes

In December, we showed you this absolute rock star listing at 45 Whalers Lane in the Amagansett Dunes, but we didn't show you any interior photos. None were available at the time, and we couldn't resist highlighting such a delicious piece of real estate. C'mon, it's directly on the ocean with windows galore.
Now, we have photos, and spoiler alert: the pricechopper has struck again! Originally listed at $13M, the sellers now want $12M. Down $1M from just a few months ago is a significant break in price. But, we're curious if it's enough to attract a buyer. The 3,000sf. house is a nice size, but it's not exactly huge. And with just 4 beds and 3.5 baths, a lot of people on the beach want showpieces with tons of extra bedrooms. But, that's being extremely picky. Sitting on 1.6 acres South of the Highway, we think this is a kickass house that boasts views for days. Perhaps the kitchen isn't exactly your taste, but the master bedroom is gorgeous. More to the point, who cares? In the Amagansett Dunes, it really comes down to location, and this place offers up slamming oceanfront living. What do you think? Is this house priced right?

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