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This Cedar Abode in the Hamptons Proves That a "Little Cabin in the Woods" Isn't Just for the Mountains

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The Hamptons might be an unlikely place to look for ski-town architecture, but this home by architect Jasmit Singh Rangr shows that sometimes mountain design works hundreds of miles away from the ski hill. Built for a Brooklyn-based family of five with three young children, the 6,000-square-foot house aims to be a modern spin on the often-replicated "cabin in the woods" motif. But don't expect any god-awful taxidermy, lincoln-log timber, or massive stone fireplaces; instead, this sleek five-bedroom house consists of two cantilevered boxes on top of a secluded hill. It may not be as traditional as an adorable stream-side cabin in Montana's Yellowstone Club, but Rangr's design keeps all the charm and outdoor features of cabin life while adding a bit of New York flair.

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