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Will Storybook Grounds Make Buyers Forget about the Damn Helicopter Noise?

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4 Fairfield Lane, Wainscott
4 Fairfield Lane, Wainscott

With the Hamptons helicopter noise being the main focus in Wainscott, we're not sure how the marketplace will receive this 4 bed 3.5 bath on 4 Fairfield Lane. Let's be honest, the airport is right around the corner. And a $2.595M ask isn't exactly cheap. However, there are some features that we love about this 2,600sf house. The landscaping surrounding the pool has such a dreamy quality with beautiful pavers that make us weak in the knees. Regrettably, the porch looks more like sauna from the 1980's, but, hey, there's still a lot of cheery light streaming through those windows. Tasteful fixtures with a laidback color palette should appeal to most buyers. So, will the beautiful grounds and storybook features make this a must-have? Or, is the location just too much to overcome?

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