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Is a $3.2M Ask at 119 Bay Street in Sag Harbor too High?

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Once again, we are really struggling to justify the price. At 119 Bay Street in Sag Harbor (the town that burns white hot forever … seriously will the prices ever decline?), this new construction is asking $3.2M. Now, at 4,200sf., the place has some size. It's not so much that it's approaching mcmansion-status, and it's definitely not small. However, the lot size is another story. With just .2 acres, kiss your dreams of a killer backyard goodbye. But, the boating community might be busy hanging out on their palaces on the sea and not really care. With 4 beds and 5 baths, you won't have to fight someone off just to take a shower. We love that! But, the curb appeal is a little ho-hum for a price tag that starts in the 3's. It's kind of interesting that no inside photos are listed on the sight. Hmmmm…. So, we want to know what you think. Is $3.2M too much for Sag Harbor Village fringe?

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