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What's up with the Basketball Hoop Inside this East Hampton Cottage?

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30 Talmage Lane, East Hampton
30 Talmage Lane, East Hampton

Located at 30 Talmage Lane, we think this 1,300sf. 3 bed 2 bath cottage in East Hampton is pretty cute. The exterior paint colors are a bit on the dark side, but the landscaping certainly brightens things up. Definitely not a modern kitchen, the country feeling of this room still works. The entire house feels effortlessly cozy, until we examine the game room. Huh? We assume the kids are pretty happy about having a basketball net inside of the house, but we think it would have looked better staged as basically anything else. Maybe the family is living out their March Madness dreams. The listing touts that there is room for a pool. But, with only .18 acres and a detached garage, they must be thinking postage stamp. Listed at $1.275M, this feels a touch high for East Hampton North. However, the way the market is moving, it's not outrageous. What do you think?

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