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Is Just Under $3.3M too Steep for Water Mill North?

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83 Narrow Lane Water Mill
83 Narrow Lane Water Mill

This 4 bedroom 2.5 bathroom Water Mill North house at 83 Narrow Lane has some pretty impressive features. Namely, if reclaimed wood and gigantic ceilings are your thing, then this place must be calling to you in your dreams. The beams on this 2729sf barn were shipped here from a fancy farm in Windsor Berkshire, England. Apparently, the British National Trust wasn't too psyched about 17th century timbers leaving the country, so only a handful of these homes exist across the pond. With 28ft ceilings, the residence certainly has that open concept feel. With a $3.295M ask, do we think East Enders will want to reclaim history? Or, is the price too steep for the location?

· Reclaimed & rustic. [DE]