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Rough it with Celebrity Survivalist Bear Grylls at Gurney's Montauk

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Just to be clear, we're not knocking celebrity survival enthusiast Bear Grylls. Mainly, because we are confident that he could kidnap us in the middle of the night and outlast us, well, pretty much anywhere. We just found it a little curious that he's hosting a Survival Academy at Gurney's Montauk from May 1st through May 3rd. So, ummm, what will these adventure seekers learn? We had a few thoughts...
1. What do you do when the bouncer at the Surf Lodge won't even look you in the eye?

2. Your Porsche gets dinged.

3. There's no more pink sparkling vino (it's happened before)...

4. Help, I'm not hipster enough.

5. Even worse, I'm too hipster!

No, no, Bear won't be tackling any of these hard-hitting issues. But, he will be teaching lessons on hypothermia (mainly, how to avoid it), navigation without a compass (please check your GPS at the door), and desalination. And, just in case you thought you'd have to make your own shelter, fear not. This is the Hamptons, of course you will be nicely tucked away in a posh hotel.

Surf Lodge

183 Edgemere Street, Montauk, NY 11954 631 668 2632 Visit Website