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East Hampton Nixes Wainscott Hollow Road Subdivision

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Last time there was news about the proposed Wainscott Hollow Road subdivision, back in February, plans were moving ahead following years of bitching, moaning, debate, and NIMBYism and at least a year of trying to come up with a layout that pissed off the fewest people. But last week the East Hampton Town Planning Board denied the subdivision after all.

To recap: developer Jeffrey Collé bought the 40 acres of farmland from Ronald Lauder for $26M back in 2006. He wanted to build a 14,000sf mansion on the property, which neighbors hated. He was denied the permit back in 2009 and then sued. He won the lawsuit, but then said the buyer of the big house had lost interest. The latest proposal included seven house lots from a half-acre to 2.5 acres.

A lawyer for the current owners of the property, 55 Wainscott Hollow LLC, says that she will challenge the decision by the planning board.
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