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Here's What's Going on at the Breakers in Montauk

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Last Friday we ran a short post detailing rumors regarding the Breakers on Old Montauk Highway in Montauk. According to neighbors of the motel, the owners have applied for a liquor license and a permit to install a kitchen for a new restaurant. According to Jay Schneiderman, co-owner with his sister of the motel, the Breakers used to have a restaurant in the 1950s through the early 70s called the Burgundy House Buffet, which as you can see from the postcard above served cocktails. A couple of years ago there was some controversy about whether the Montauk Beach House should be permitted to open a bar, given that its predecessor the Ronjo did not apparently have a liquor license. This is clearly not the case with the Breakers. Mr. Schneiderman told Curbed that there is no abandonment of conforming use and that the restaurant will be a low key cafe that primarily serves the guests at the hotel. Thanks for clearing that up.
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