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Big Reveal: How Much for a Beachy Wainscott Cottage?

59 Sayres Path, Wainscott
59 Sayres Path, Wainscott

Address: 59 Sayres Path, Wainscott
Price: $2,195,000
Not so much this week. The most popular answer was $1,595,000. Nope. Commenters seemed to agree that the place has a date with a bulldozer. "Yikes! Only 1 bathroom, and an enclosed minuscule kitchen—that knocks out families, people who like to entertain or host weekend guests." "At least one of the bedrooms appears to be an open loft space, so forget privacy. Agree that it's a cute place, but if it's not a tear down, it's sure to have an addition in its future." "It may sell, because the buyer could live in it as is for a season or so, but one bathroom? Second on the yikes comment. This place comes down, if it is indeed on Sayres. But live in it while working with your architect."

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