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If You Ruin This Charming, Historic Bridgehampton House, You're Dead to Us

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156 Church Lane Bridgehampton
156 Church Lane Bridgehampton

Don't even think about knocking down this charming c. 1850 cottage, or you'll be shunned forever by the Curbed community. (Scared yet?) The main house isn't huge at 2000sf, but it is bursting with charm, from the pink shutters to what looks like an original bread oven in the dining room. There are three bedrooms and two baths. We will grudgingly allow the new buyer to expand the kitchen. There is also a darling guest cottage on the property, which could become a pool house if the new owner wants to put in a pool on the 0.43 acres of land. Asking price is $1.995M, which is actually quite reasonable, considering. A similar property on School Street (teardown) was fought over last year about to that price.

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