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Interesting Historic Buildings Plus Beautiful Gardens in Quogue

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This one's definitely different. Apparently, back in 1936, the Duchess de Richelieu, whoever she was, assembled old local barns, an icehouse, and a grist mill into a U-shaped structure which is now the current house. The latest owners completed renovated between 2005-7. Now there are some distinctively different rooms, including summer and winter living rooms and a 4' x 7' woodburning fireplace. In all, there's 5000sf with six bedrooms and 6.5 baths. There is 0.70 acres of land with an herb garden, cutting garden, brick terrace and a pretty gunite pool. Asking price for all this is $5.5M. Prices seem to be rocketing lately west of the canal.

· Heart of Quogue - Historical Gem [TMR via HREO]