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Bishop's Grant: Four New Luxury Homes in Southampton Village

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The Beechwood Organization, known for the Bishops Pond luxury condo development, will be building four new traditional homes at Bishops Grant. This wooded property is part of the original land grant to the Bishop family in 1678 and is changing hands for the first time. Starting at $4.5 million, each of the four Bishops Grant properties will be one acre. The houses, designed with architect and Southampton native Jason Paremba of Jason Thomas, will offer 6500sf of living space, 7 bedrooms, and 6.5 bathrooms. Construction is expected to begin in May for occupancy early 2016.

"The opportunity to buy new in Southampton Village is finite. We're appealing to those who tell us they want the same quality as Bishops Pond but in a more traditional, new but classic, single-family home. We're excited to be able to offer them Bishops Grant," says Steven Dubb, principal of The Beechwood Organization.
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