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Georgica Neighbors Suing East Hampton Zoning Board over Subdivision

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Neighbors along Association Road in Wainscott are angry over a decision by the East Hampton Zoning Board of Appeals allowing the owners of 17 Association Road to subdivide their 5.6 acre property into two separate parcels. They're suing to reverse the decision. On the face of it, the decision by the ZBA seems inexplicable, as the area is zoned for five-acre lots. The property, shown above, currently has four structures on it, including a main house, boat house and two cottages. The application sought to remove the boat house, a pool, and cottages, all on 1.6 acres of land, and to replace the three structures with an 8900sf new house. Stay tuned.
· Wainscott Neighbors File Suit Against East Hampton Town Zoning Board [27E]