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Can't Someone Make Wainscott Less of an Eyesore Along 27?

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A reader writes:

Wainscott is an eyesore along Route 27: the stretch from the former Star Room (now a rotting hulk, RIP) to the inexplicable "development" at the NW corner of 27 and Wainscott NW Road (a blinds store that is never open, along with other dreck). The Town clearly allowed the Home Goods store to go forward, so why doesn't some enterprising developer buy up much of (most of?) the remaining stretch and put in ANYTHING that will add value to the community? Currently there is a rug store that nobody goes to, the aforementioned blinds store, a "walk-in medical care" storefront I never see active—other than La Capannina (at least something used by the community: it is often busy), this commercial strip has no reason for being. Bridgehampton Village has made great strides in the past ten years in returning a village feel to the stretch between the Candy Kitchen and the Sag/Bridge Turnpike/Route 27 intersection, and while Wainscott doesn't have the same history (or size) to support something of that scale, there's no reason this corner can't be dressed up in some way.

What does the community say?