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East Hampton Historical Farm Museum Reopens on Saturday

This spring marks the beginning of the East Hampton Farm Museum's first full season. On Saturday at 1PM, Ron Bush, nephew of Abe Katz who owned and operated Dune Alpin Farm, will discuss growing up in the farm co-op community and present a film about dairy farms in East Hampton in the early 1900s. Outside, volunteers will be preparing for the first growing season. "We will be planting tomato seeds for transplant in the garden and a medicinal herb garden near the back door," says director Prudence Carabine. Come and help plant on April 18 and 25.

Next month, Mary Sherrill Morgan will be speaking about the history of the Sherrill Dairy Farm and there will be exhibits on Hardscrabble Farm, the Fulling Mill Farm and the Dayton, Newton, and Telfer families.

"When the flag is flying at the front door and balloons float above the sign, we are open; we are doing something you will not want to miss about Bonac!" said Ms. Carabine.