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In Montauk, O'Murphy's to Become Saltbox; Shagwong to Stay Shagwong

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The latest scoop on the Montauk restaurant business is as follows (according to BlackBrick broker Jack Botero): first, Gurney's will be introducing five new dining options. More about them later this week. Second, Jon Krasner is leading a team in the opening of Saltbox, a burgers, tequila, and music joint in the former O'Murphy's space..

The same group of principals involved with Saltbox are expected to close May 1 on the Shagwong, the iconic downtown restaurant. But rest easy, folks; the beloved eatery will remain close to its present form, with its old-school vibe (not to mention the name and the sign) intact. The plan is for the restaurant to be run as is for this summer, and then to be cleaned up and refined a bit for next year, with the Peter Beard photographs dusted off. The integrity of the place will be respected, which is good news for lovers of old Montauk. The restaurant and tavern has been operating close to its present form since 1969, and the Carl Fisher building has only had four owners so far.
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