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Architect-Designed Georgica House Clicks into Contract

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34 East Hollow Road, East Hampton
34 East Hollow Road, East Hampton

This 5000sf house hit the market last autumn; it took a while but it's finally in contract, with the last asking price $6.495M, no pricechops. We did think it was a reasonable number; the house, designed by New York architect Donald Billinkoff, was featured in House and Garden magazine. There are 1.8 acres of land, pool, pool house and tennis court. Most commenters liked the place, though they thought it was dated: "It seems to be a quirky house. Beautifully built and perhaps top of the line when it was constructed (when? 2002? 1998? it's at least 10 yrs old), its layout and finishes seem nice but somewhat obsolete." "Based on the post-modern barn styling I'd put it at late-90's. So it's probably around 15 years old. It's also not everyone's cup of tea. But if you like it, I think it's actually a great buy for the price, more so if you can get it down to 6."

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