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Savvy Investment or Bulldozer Bait in Sag Harbor?

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18 Howard Street, Sag Harbor
18 Howard Street, Sag Harbor

At some point, all good things must come to an end. But, that just doesn't seem to be happening in Sag Harbor. The well-documented rise in pricing is attributed to many things: the most apple pie looking town in America, restaurants that stay open past 10 pm, a kick-ass yachting community, the Watchcase Factory, and a friendly vibe that never tries too hard. So, finding affordable property in this area is becoming more like catching a unicorn. Good luck!

This 1,239sf. property on 18 Howard Street is rather intriguing. Listed at $1.395M, the price of this 3 bed 2 bath is realistic. However, we are curious what type of buyer the home will attract. The aesthetics lack the historic charisma of a classic Sag Harbor house. Translation: no Victorian charm here. But, we go back to price, and for a true village location, this is a pretty good deal.

The listing points out that it is being sold "as is", and to be fair, the house is certainly livable. We're just curious why no staging was involved. The property looks clean enough, but it embraces a sad granny ambiance. With just a bit of work, we think it could go for a much higher ask. We want to know, is this a teardown or someone's dream cottage?

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