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Q+A with Caroline Grant and Dolores Suarez of Dekar Design

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The owners and designers of Dekar Design, Caroline Grant and Dolores Suarez, are nothing short of superstars in the décor world. Never heavy handed, they have a fresh approach that somehow speaks to the past without being too deliberate. We confess to being fans of their work, so we caught up with these ladies to get some pointers on beach house design. It turns out that they aren't into themed houses, but they don't like playing it safe either. And, wallpaper appears to be a bit of a passion for these mavens of all things beautiful...

Right now, what are your favorite trends in the design world?

We love how people are embracing a more eclectic and layered look. We love mixing patterns to give warmth to a room and make a space feel more "collected" as opposed to designed.

Please share a few beach house design tricks with us...

The biggest design trick is not to stick to a "beach" theme. We like to mix unexpected materials to keep a space interesting. In a recent beach house den, we mixed natural linen and cotton upholstered furniture with a braided leather rug. It gave the room a sleekness and unexpected edge. Also, nothing should be too perfect!

What's the biggest design mistake you see people making with their beach house?

The biggest mistake is to play it too safe or being afraid of taking a risk. Beach houses are often a gathering place for friends and family so it's important to have an element of fun and whimsy.

Perhaps you have an example of an epic fail in someone's beach house?

Fortunately we have not seen an epic fail, but we have seen a few themed houses filled with one too many anchors and rope sculptures.

Do you prefer the Gambrel style or something more modern?

We lean towards more traditional exteriors but appreciate the beauty and clean lines of more modern homes.

Favorite town in the Hamptons?


Tell us about your next project!

We are working on several apartments in Manhattan and a line of wallpaper and tiles inspired by our recent projects.