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Why Doesn't Anyone Want Montauk's Curve House?

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This modern, AIA award winning house has been on the market for a long time—since 2010. The price has dropped several times but the ask has remained stable at $1.949M for about a year and a half now. We think the house is pretty damn cool; it was designed by MB Architecture (the East Hampton firm responsible for the Arc House). The first floor offers an open living room with wood burning fireplace, a dining room, a gourmet white kitchen, and a master bedroom with ensuite bath. On the lower level, there's a lounge area with another fireplace, three guest bedrooms and two full baths. One of the place's cooler amenities is the mirror in the master bathroom—it doubles as a media system. However, the standout item is definitely the rooftop terrace, which is where you'll find Montauk's "first green roof garden."

So what's the issue? Probably the location, which isn't anything that exciting. Last time we wrote about the property, one person commented, "Surrounded by dumpy homes. Curb appeal is lacking - horrible landscaping (which you can't see in these photos). Spend a few thousand on curb appeal... it's not rocket science." Also, the interiors could use some help. Another commenter wrote, "One word: staging. Second word: needed." We think maybe $1.5M is the magic price.

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