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You Spin Me Round on Shelter Island for $1.099M

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While we generally loathe houses that do not feature right angles, we find our hearts stolen by this place. (Although the wide-angle lens used on the camera makes even the verticals in most rooms look curved.) Love the gorgeous staircase, the vintage 70s fireplace, and the (perhaps not strictly practical) tin tub! The house is 1878sf with four bedrooms and four bathrooms; there's also a guest cottage that's plumbed in for a kitchenette and has a full bath. There's also a six-car garage. The 1.5 acre property provides "slices" of water views from the second-floor decks. As for the price, this one's hard. The property last sold for $500K in 2012, but has clearly had a lot of renovation done to it since then. This place won't appeal to everyone, but we think it's quirky and fun for someone who loves modern design.

· Shelter Island Modern [Saunders]