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We Work For Tips

With spring here, in theory, we wanted to give a little shout out to the folks who keep Curbed Hamptons rolling in those sweet, sweet pageviews all year long: our tipsters. Without your intel, this place would be a lot less interesting. It's your rumormongering, rants, photos, and gossip spilling that keep things moving along. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

For all you newcomers, a quick reminder on how you can get involved in all the fun: Did you overhear a restaurateur talking about a new eatery they're opening? Know the name behind the LLC that recently purchased a home? Got the inside scoop on a property about to hit the market? Or maybe you just need to vent to our Complaint Dept. We welcome all of it and more. Just sent a note to our 24-hour tipline. Anonymity is guaranteed, of course.[Photo credit: Damn Cool Pictures]