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Sleek, Simple, and Chic South of the Highway in East Hampton

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This is a nicely refreshed older (1968) house in East Hampton village. (Refreshed, in this case, meaning updated without a major renovation.) It's 4000sf, with six bedrooms and five baths, though given the lack of photos of the baths, we wonder if they're ripe for a redo, too. In any case, the house's quirky nooks and crannies add a lot of charm. The 1.1 acre yard is a good size and there's a gunite pool along with patios and decking. The property last sold for $3.25M in July 2013; now the ask is $4.595M, which may or may not be too high depending on how much work there still is to do.

· Cove Hollow Road, East Hampton South [Corcoran]