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Sold! Bayviews with a Huge Wall of Glass in North Sea

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We loved this new build by architects Naiztat & Ham when it hit the market around Labor Day. There's a 30' wall of glass in the main living area, with gorgeous views to Robins Island, and sleek modern finishes everywhere. Of course there's a huge mahogany patio right by the water and a gunite pool. This place generated a fair bit of debate in the comments, though. Some loved it, thinking the sellers would get close to their $3.995M asking price, while others were worried about the location, especially given the small 0.4 acre plot. "Love the house, but the satellite photos reveal that it's jammed pretty close to the neighbors and is right next to a town landing, so you don't have much privacy. Not sure I'd spend that amount of money for that location." It took a while and a pricechop, but the house is now in contract with a last ask of $3.495M.

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