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Spacious Amagansett High-Ranch Ambitiously Priced at $4M

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Cluttered high-ranch not selling? Up the price $800K! Nope, we don't get it either. This place was put on the market back in December, asking $3.2M. No buyers, and now the price is $4M. Yes, it's spring (theoretically), but still. We think $3.2M is a fair asking price: the house is spacious at 3000sf, but it's dated and crying out for a refresh. The 0.44 acre lot is reasonable for the area, and there is a pool. There is also extensive decking, a roof deck (or widow's walk), and several living rooms. We say: drop the price, ditch the distracting clutter, and the owners will score a sale in no time.

· South Of The Highway In Amagansett [Saunders]