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Clean Modern Style in Amagansett Pricechopped Again

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Sleek modern styling with walls of glass. Location the hot Amagansett Dunes. All new and high end. The house is even LEED Gold certified, so it's very energy efficient. So why doesn't anyone want to buy it? The house has been on the market for many months now and just had its price cut for the second time.

The problem is the address, 940 Montauk Highway. There is a good sized plot of land, though, 1.8 acres, so the house is set back well from the highway. Leaving location aside, this is a pretty great house. (Or seems to be—see the comment below.) There are walls of glass open to the dunes, with a nice pool and a roof deck with sound system. Inside the 2800sf house, everything is clean simple lines with high-end finishes, appliances and fixtures. There are four bedrooms, four baths, and one half bath.

A commenter wrote last October, "Actually looked at this place. Two words: train wreck. Bad location. Really bad. Constant highway noise, and it's a "trek" not a "walk" to the beach -- you'll need sherpas to carry your beach paraphernalia. Love modern but this is an almost unworkable design with so many issues I don't even know where to start. Well, maybe starting with the fact that the whole thing sits on top of some kind of man-made mesa with unprotected sides high enough that you'd always be wondering whether your child, elderly parent or, more likely, some drunken guest might tumble off the side and never be seen again. And the construction quality? Shoddy. Already needs many visible exterior repairs. I could go on..."

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