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Absolutely Gorgeous Water Mill House is Yours for $25M

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Back in January, we posted about how high-end buyers like to purchase fully furnished properties. We mentioned decorator James Michael Howard's latest project, a new seven-bedroom spec house in Water Mill, which will feature "antiques he bought in France and Britain, 'cool accessories' and what he described as about $1.5 million worth of custom rugs from Nepal, Turkey and China." Here it is, and it's just stunning—especially the rugs. The lighting, the furniture, the careful use of blue and natural tones add up to one beautiful property. The house is 12,000sf, with seven bedrooms and 8.5 baths, including an impressive master suite with sitting room, dressing room, and two master baths. Outside, there's three acres of land overlooking Mecox Bay, with the requisite gunite pool and spa, and "orchards, meadows and estate plantings." Gossip is that there are buyers already lined up for this property, and we're not a bit surprised.

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