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Hang on to Your Fedoras as Montauk's Hipsterification Accelerates

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The long-rumored plans of Montauk hotel entrepreneur Chris Jones appear to be moving forward. Quoted in the East Hampton Press, Jones expressed "serious interest" in the 19-room Lido Motel, in downtown Montauk, and the 10-room Sail Inn by the harbor. Jones is known for having purchased and redone Solé East, formerly the Shepherds Neck Inn, and the Montauk Beach House, formerly the Ronjo. The Lido Motel appears not to be on the market right now; it had previously been listed at $2.9M. The Sail Inn, with an asking price of $2.9 million, also includes a bar and restaurant that Jones could transform. However, Jones hastened to add that nothing has been signed yet.
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