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Eight-Acre Oceanfront Sagaponack Property is Back at $33M

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Well, well, well. Look what's back on the market. Last autumn, this eight-acre oceanfront property was put up for sale along with an additional 23 acres of preserved farmland with barn; asking price was $35M, but with multiple bidders, we assume the final price for both was higher. 1145 Sagg Main, the eight-acre parcel with house, sold for $27M to a Mr. Bldg Sagg Main LLC. Now it's back and asking $33M. (We're waiting to see what happens with the other 23 acres, which includes frontage on Sagg Pond; it has to stay farmland but the barn, we assume, could be turned into a house.)

The listing says the house is "newly refurbished and designed," although there's little evidence of that in the photos. We thought the house would be torn down last fall, because it's kind of dated and 90s, but maybe not if the interiors have been redone in current taste. There are ten bedrooms and ten baths in 6000sf, with a separate garage/guest house. As before, the best part of the property is the duneside pool and lounging area.

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