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Rent an Award Winning Bates Masi in Montauk This Summer

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This house, known as Genius Loci, garnered a number of awards for its architects, Bates Masi, when it was built a few years ago. The house combines the casual understated vibe of Montauk through its use of weather-beaten materials and its design, of two modest structures connected by a bridge. But of course, the house is quite large at 9000sf, and its modern design combines the indoors and the out seamlessly, framing gorgeous waterviews from its perch high atop a hill. (Also, the way the infinity pool seems to flow into Lake Montauk is the coolest thing we've seen in a while.) The house is available for June for $100,000, or July 18-August 8 for $100,000. There are seven bedrooms and seven baths in all, with outdoor showers and pool house.

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