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Six Years Later, the Breyer Family Unload 40 Lee Avenue

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This property is a generous 4.2 acres on a prestigious street in the village of East Hampton, so why did it take so long to sell? Overly ambitious price and dated, too small house, we suppose. (Or maybe disappointed buyers pulled out when they learned the gorilla statue doesn't convey. Anything is possible.) Belonging to the Breyer family of ice cream fame, the property's original asking price was $35M back in May 2009; over the years it's been chopped down to a last ask of $21.5M. For that you get the main house, which is done in a kind of 1960s French style and offers only four bedrooms, two guesthouses, gunite pool with poolhouse, two-car garage, and caretaker's workshop, plus a vacant one-acre lot. We're guessing the main house will be torn down.

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