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What Curbed Readers Think About Proposed Airport Noise Regulations

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The people have spoken, and the answer is no. They're opposed to proposed new rules at East Hampton Airport. On Friday, we ran a poll regarding the proposed new rules, designed to curtail aircraft noise. At time of writing, nearly twice as many (284) people disapproved of the regulations, while 144 voted to move ahead.

Comments in favor of regulation:

The "plane" truth is there is horrible noise pollution and helicopter traffic increased 46% in one year. The residents of the east end are being subject to diminished quality of life. People over profit. Preserve the inherent beauty of the east end…. Our residents do NOT want 24/7 aircraft over us. It's simple: we are fortunate, even blessed, to be living in one of the world's most beautiful environments. We cherish the peace and quiet. The visitors, renters, homeowners, all do. So why would a reasonable individual wish to destroy our gem? The town residents of EH and neighboring communities are NOT equally divided with aviation profiteers who have used bullying , lies, and promises of litigation to force capitulation. We the People are right to demand and expect to live unfettered from aircraft noise pollution. Aviation concerns cannot simply muscle their turbo engines into our town. We own the airport and can at last implement rules, curfews, and restrictions.

No individual, or residential or commercial group, should be allowed to negatively impact any householder on Long Island in the manner helicopters do on the east end. It's straight up wrong and deserves to be strongly regulated by local government - that's what the social contract is about. If you happen to be getting your livelihood from any industry that directly harms an individual with pollution (noise or otherwise) you are being disingenious in fighting regulation, and frankly you deserve the outcome of the vox populi.

Comments opposing the regulation:

The overwhelming majority of complaints are coming from fewer than 20 people who somehow didn't realize when they bought a house in the Northwest Woods near an airport that they would hear airport noise. It's ridiculous and offensive that the rest of the community is now being asked to give these people a windfall through a boost in their property values. … If these restrictions go into place, what we will all experience is a massive shift in property values in East Hampton – the high end properties will stagnate or fall in value as many people of means decide to vacation in more accessible places, while the moderately priced places located near the airport will increase in value. But the gains and losses will hardly be equal, and the people who will really suffer are the year-rounders whose long-term livelihoods depend on East Hampton maintaining its reputation as the most desirable few acres on the Eastern Seaboard. Don't be fooled. This is all about money. If the airport closes, that land will be built up so fast it will make your head spin. Property values and local economy will most certainly suffer. I own a business that would be directly impacted by such a ridiculous regulation. Worried about quality of life? Wait until you see how many businesses fold and how much your property value goes down if this happens! This is a money grab, plain and simple.

This is not about noise at all. The noise issue is purely a means to an end to closing the airport. That is Gruber and his lackey's ultimate goal. And those that got suckered into supporting a ban due to noise, your day of reckoning will come. People will go elsewhere. Montauk, Nantucket, Cape Cod. the Vineyard, Main, the Jersey shore. All of those destinations have airports which are fully supposed by their communities. Airports are the economic gateway of any community. Without the airport, there will be a mass exodus of people. Workers, vacationers, etc. The trickle down effect will be enormous. So when your property values plummet and your property taxes rise to compensate for lower revenues, don't say we didn't tell you so!

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