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Vote About Proposed East Hampton Airport Noise Regulations

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East Hampton residents are split on the impact of proposed new regulations to limit aircraft noise at the airport. Some say quality of life is affected by loud planes and helicopters, while others say that limiting aircraft will deal a blow to local businesses. (Southampton residents worry that regulations about helicopters in East Hampton will mean increased traffic to Southampton.)

Here are the proposed restrictions:

· A ban on flights between 11PM and 7AM for all aircraft
· A ban on noisy aircraft from 8PM to 9AM
· A ban on helicopters during holidays and weekends between May 1 and September 30
· Noisy aircraft are only allowed one takeoff and one landing per week during the summer

Noisy aircraft: anything with an Effective Perceived Noise in Decibels (EPNdB) approach level of 91.0 or greater
· Community Largely Split on East Hampton Town's Proposed Airport Regulations [27E]

Poll results

East Hampton Airport

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