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Let's Spy on Ira Rennert's Mega Mansion from Above

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This is why you should have majored in junk bonds in college: instead of the hovel in which you now squat, you could own Fair Field, the tastefully understated home of minerals magnate Ira Rennert. You'd have three swimming pools and two pool houses. (A single pool house? Ha! That's for the Poors.) You'd also possess a hot tub clocking in at a cool $150K, your own 164-seat theater, a 10,000sf playhouse, and a main house that's 62,000 square feet, with 21 bedrooms and a 91 foot-long dining room. Let's not forget the synagogue, squash courts, and tennis courts. All this is set on 63 acres of Sagaponack oceanfront. Yep, it's good to be the junk bond king. OK, fine, there's that spot of bother with the lawsuit lately, but even if he has to pay back $118M plus interest, that's pocket change to the guy worth $6B.

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