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Buy Scott Disick's Mom's Buckyball House for $799K

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Ever wondered where Kardashian son-in-law Scott Disick's parents lived? Yeah, neither did we. But now you know: in a Buckminster Fuller geodesic dome house in Baiting Hollow. A what? Back in the 1950s the visionary Buckminster Fuller experimented with the geodesic dome as an architectural form. Imitating natural forms, Fuller used triangular shapes to form dome structures. And for some reason we can't figure out, a number of people built them into dwelling houses.

So this property is a "rare opportunity for architecture enthusiasts." (Not rare enough!) There's the dome-shaped main house with a second dome connected by a garden room. Three bedrooms, three baths, a pool and hot tub, all on one acre. And good luck not getting claustrophobic in that black marble bath or the bedroom with the wooden ceiling.

· 127 Landing Lane [MLSLI]