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Bridgehampton House by Robert AM Stern Still Struggling

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Response to this house when we first posted about it in April 2014 was "Meh." We thought that the house, despite being designed by a noted architect, was bland and dated. Commenters wrote, "This has to be one of Stern's least successful designs. And I'm including 15 CPW." And "Maybe put $250k into it, and then you'd have something worth $6.5+mm. But $7.75 is a non-starter and $9.5 was delusional." The place has been on the market since September 2013; back in April, the asking price had just been chopped to $7.75M; now it's $6.99M.

Other than the blandness, this house has a lot to offer: 4800sf, five bedrooms, 4.5 baths, set on 1.5 acres south of the highway with a pool and great views over preserve. There's also a separate four car garage. How low will the price have to go to attract a buyer?
· 64 Mecox Fields Lane [Elliman]
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