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Less is More in This Tiny Sag Harbor House Asking $1.1M

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Most things have been nicely thought out in this c. 1905 house, which is as it should be because it's only 654sf. The only things we don't really like are the lack of banister rails on the staircase (dangerous) and the probable lack of a shower, which would be a dealbreaker for us. Other than that, we love the wooden floors, stylish kitchen, cozy bedrooms, and sweet stone patio. The plot is as petite as the house, clocking in at 0.04 acre, but on the plus side, the property is only a couple blocks to the heart of the village, with shops, restaurants, the movies and so forth. Price is probably reasonable, given the turnkey condition.

· 44 Jefferson St - Sag Harbor [Elliman]