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Welcome to Micro Week, Which Starts Right This Very Second

The small house movement has taken the nation by storm, so what better time than now to celebrate it? Right this second marks the commencement of Curbed's first-ever Micro Week, a five-day tribute to all things tiny. From mapping the smallest homes for sale to profiling the tiniest neighborhood in the Hamptons, we'll be diving into what it really means to live small. Throughout the week we'll highlight the coolest tiny homes you can rent when you need a weekend away, uncover the best amenity-packed buildings if you're going to live in a teeny tiny studio, plus much, much more.

Weeks like these present an excellent opportunity for reader involvement. If you've got something to say — whether it's about your love for your very small abode, or perhaps tips on how to effectively live large in a small space— please, email the tipline. Without further ado, let's get this party started!