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Alec Baldwin is Tearing Down Much of His Historic House

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News comes from the East Hampton Star this week that Alec Baldwin is tearing down much of his house on Town Lane in Amagansett. Odd—we'd understood from gossip that he'd bought a new place in East Hampton and was selling the Amagansett house. Apparently that's all wrong, at least according to the Star, because Mr. Baldwin loves the Amagansett house, known as the Nathaniel Baker House, too much to sell it. We'd be interested to know what is going on with the house; if anyone has any insider knowledge they'd like to share, feel free to hit the anonymous tipline at right.

Last year, we talked to builder Jeffrey Collé, who restored the Baldwin house many years ago. It sounds like it was possibly his additions that have just been torn down? We're not sure. Mr. Collé told us, "The Baldwin house was built around 1700. Some records said 1697 and some said 1702, so somewhere in there. It was originally built on Montauk Highway and in 1756 it was moved across the frozen fields by oxen to its present location. They picked up the home, which was two stories, and they added a new ground floor, making it a three story home. So the first floor is 1756 or thereabouts, the upper two floors were 1700 and there was some additions added later, like a new kitchen and a couple of little rooms. We took those off and restored the house to the way it was in 1756.

"It was a very sensitive restoration. A true restoration in that we restored all the old beams, we restored all the plaster. We did add on quite a bit, but I made sure to get beams and floors that matched the originals, that were of the same era, so when you went from the old spaces to the new spaces, there was no difference in the feel."
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