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$24.9M Buys Five Acres and a Beautiful East Hampton House

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Rich folks: what's wrong with you that none of you have snapped up this beautiful old property yet? It's everything a summer house should be (except, maybe, oceanfront). And now it's $2.5M cheaper! There's a gracious old (1929) 6000sf Tudor style house with eight bedrooms and 7.5 baths, including staff quarters. Outside, there's a generous 5.17 acres of land, with rolling greenswards, a natural pond, pool, tennis, and old-growth trees. There's also a guest cottage.

When this property hit the market back in September asking $27.5M, we and the commenters swooned over it, when we weren't tsking about the crappy original listing photos. "It's a gorgeous old Hamptons property. I'd take this any day over the new 'cookie cutter' mansions." Go for it, rich people!

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