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Wainscott Hollow Road Subdivision Finally to Move Ahead

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After years of bitching, moaning, debate, and NIMBYism, the plans to subdivide 55 Wainscott Hollow Road are moving ahead.

To recap: developer Jeffrey Collé bought the 40 acres of farmland from Ronald Lauder for $26M back in 2006. He wanted to build a 14,000sf mansion on the property, which neighbors hated. He was denied the permit back in 2009 and then sued. He won the lawsuit, but then said the buyer of the big house had lost interest.

The latest proposal, which includes seven house lots from a half-acre to 2.5 acres, as you can see in our rough sketch above, was complained about vigorously by neighbors. Planning board member Bob Schaeffer, quoted in the East Hampton Press, said, "In my nine plus years on this board, I've never seen anything that involves so many issues of 'not in my back yard. I've said it again and again—this is not going to satisfy everybody, but it is the less of several evils. The applicant is entitled to do this."

Now the plan is going ahead. Environmental assessment needs to happen before any approval is given. Nobody is still happy, but it seems this is the way the development is going to proceed.
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