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Eight Acres and a Spacious New House in Wainscott for $21M

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Sure, for $21M you could get oceanfront instead. But if you like a lot of privacy—or you just want to host your kid's entire soccer team—this 8.4-acre property, with an expansive lawn, is a good choice. The house itself is also quite spacious at 9600sf, with eight bedrooms and 7.5 baths. The style is understand, which is a good choice for a summer/weekend house. And while some of the ceilings are high and the rooms are spacious, there's none of that yawning cavernous feel. Outside, there's a tennis court and pool, with pavilion and pool house. Not to mention room for that soccer field. The property has been lingering for a few months at $21M; it's probably time for a pricechop.

· Sagaponack/wainscott Border [Saunders]