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Surfari Crossroads Gallery Opens Saturday in Sag Harbor

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Two local avid surfers—realtor and entrepreneur John Healey and artist Greg Miller—are opening a new gallery in Sag Harbor on Saturday, February 14.The space will exclusively feature Miller's one-of-a-kind, hand-painted and collaged works rendered on vintage surfboards. Miller says, "I paint paintings on top of paintings on top of paintings. I'll glue down something I love, like an old Steinbeck book page for page, and create another painting on top of that; I build up sort of an abstract history." Miller and Healy together had a vision for an art gallery with the welcoming, laid-back, creative spirit of the surfboard "shaper's shops" both men frequented as boys. "We're calling it 'the shop' because it evokes that feeling we both got as kids on either side of the country, watching boards being shaped while a group of surfers hung out in a comfortable community with a common bond," says Healey. In fact, many of the boards used for Surfari Crossroads works are coming from Long Island's oldest surf shops.
· Surfari Crossroads [Official]