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$2K a Month for All-You-Can-Fly Between NYC, Hamptons

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A new private air service, Beacon, has just launched, offering unlimited flights between New York, the Hamptons, Boston, and Nantucket for $2000 a month. The planes will be small, seating fewer than ten people, and the terminals are less-traveled ones such as White Plains. The founders of Beacon tried out the concept with Surf Air, another all-you-can-fly service between Silicon Valley and Los Angeles. But unlike Surf Air, Beacon won't own the planes it flies, which will be such crafts as Pilatus PC-12s and Beechcrafts King Air 350is. Concierge service, no lines, and a superior in-flight experience are touted.

So do you think you'll join the "Netflix of private planes"?
· Beacon [Official]